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MouseRobot ensures quick and easy macros recording for automation of any Windows-based programs and provides the highest level of clarity and convenience when further modifying recorded mouse macros. Macros can be recorded automatically or step by step.

Benefits of automation with MouseRobot mouse recorder

Instead of programming, writing mouse macros using built-in languages (such as Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications) and other common methods of automation, the approach proposed by MouseRobot mouse recorder is:

  • Simple and natural - MouseRobot mouse macro recorder allows you to specify the automated actions in the same way that you perform them, without having to learn programming, complex commands, or new ways of working
  • Fast results at low cost - no need to pay for programmers and wait for mouse macros development
  • Control and flexibility - you will be able to edit a previously recorded mouse macro quickly and easily, without wasting time and money on IT specialists

What kind of tasks can the MouseRobot mouse macros be used for?

  • Run and automatically control programs (by time, event, or a combination of keys.)
  • Collect data from web pages and enter that data into any program.
  • Automate several programs with one mouse macro to solve a complex problem.
  • Create backups or automatically run other services according to a schedule or at your command.
  • Set up a combination of keys to automatically perform a sequence of actions.
  • Quickly automate small routine tasks.
  • Automatically execute an action for a collection of the same type of elements: files, web links, list items, etc. You do not need to specify the list items. In most cases MouseRobot mouse recorder can read them directly from the screen!
  • Automated testing of programs in "black box" mode. Team members do not need to know how to program. The performance reliability of the recorded task means that you do not have to update the tests in your mouse macros after each small change in the product's interface.
  • Automatically installs, removes and changes the settings of installed programs for which tools and controls for automatic installation are missing or do not provide the capacity needed.
  • Automate form filling on web pages.
  • Automate data acquisition from programs or web based resources that do not have appropriate built-in tools.
  • Track the appearance (or disappearance) of specific messages or windows. Automatically execute required actions such as monitoring error messages on a remote server, and automatically restart services and programs.
  • Quickly automate assembly processes, testing, and distribution of software products.
  • Track the status of programs on a remote computer and report to the administrator.
  • Automatic form filling with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Automate technical support and maintenance. In many cases, it is sufficient to create and send a client a macro that will automatically perform the necessary actions.
  • And much, much more to suit your needs!

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MouseRobot mouse recorder advantages over other solutions

  • Advanced Window Recognition™ unique technology enables quick and accurate automation of objects on the screen – windows, buttons, input fields and web page elements
  • Excellent transparency - MouseRobot automatically adds detailed comments and graphics for every step of mouse macro
  • Functions that can automate virtually any task - you do not have to study hundreds of different steps and commands as in other automation systems and macro recorder tools
  • Your existing knowledge and experience is sufficient to record mouse macros with MouseRobot - no need to study special features or built-in software for each automated program
  • Recorded macros are executed quickly and reliably
  • Automation of individual programs and the whole system - if you want, you can automate several programs in one mouse macro to achieve your desired goals
  • Versatility of the skills gained in automation enables you to cope with any new tasks quickly and effectively
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