How to record macro with MouseRobot

MouseRobot basics

MouseRobot is easy and convenient tool to automate your repetitive tasks. It only takes a few minutes to start using it. We recommend you read this article in order to start developing your own macros.

The article describes how to add a new step, work with graphic objects (buttons, lists, etc.), record a task, execute recorded macro.

The automated sequence of operations in MouseRobot is called "Task". The task consists of steps such as "Run", "Press Key", "File Name Query" and others.

Task example (Start "Notepad" editor and input a few lines of text):

MouseRobot task sample

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Using VBScript

One of the most powerful features MouseRobot is an integrated programming language VBScript.

Basically, VBS-scripts are used for a data processing, system management, working with user accounts and computers, interaction with business applications, working with databases and other complex tasks.

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Scheduling of recorded macro sample

MouseRobot includes build-in task scheduler. It allows to execute macros automatically with a combination of keys, at specified time, when computer is idle, when specified windows are opened, or a when a specified program starts(closes).

In this example, we will consider the ways to automate executing macros with built-in MouseRobot Task Scheduler.

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Automatic files backup sample

MouseRobot allows to automate work with files and directories. Creating back up of files is an example of such work.

In this example, we consider how you can automate backups using the MouseRobot.

You will see how to use MouseRobot to pack files to ZIP-archive and save them in specified folder.

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Using variables and functions

Working with variables and functions is one of advantages of MouseRobot. There are many convenient ways to set, change and use value of variable. MouseRobot has many build-in functions to work with date and time, strings, Windows system variables, math and etc.

This article describes the basics of using variables and functions in MouseRobot.

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Automatic images resizing sample

The MouseRobot contains all type of tools that you need to automate even the most complicated tasks such as images and data processing.

Consider ways to use loops, conditions and variables, work with files in MouseRobot in the photos resizing automation sample.

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Internet-related tasks automation

MouseRobot provides a good support for automation of repetitive tasks when working with web-interfaces. The program is able to distinguish and find all major elements on web pages: text boxes, table cells, links, captions, headers, pictures, radio buttons, lists, etc.

This article contains recommendations for internet-related tasks automation.

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Automation of applications launch and control

With MouseRobot you will be able automate your work with any Windows-based programs, documents, use Windows commands.

This article describes how to launch and finish programs, open Web-pages, execute windows commands, send to print documents and etc.

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Graphic User Interface (GUI) automation

MouseRobot "sees" graphic objects on the screen. With MouseRobot you can press a button, select a list item, set text to a field, move windows, automate filling form (including WEB-forms).

We recommend to follow the recommendations described in the article for successful automation of GUI programs.

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Automating work with files and directories

Read this article to know how to create, copy and delete, pack and unpack files, automate work with group of files and directories.

There are ready-made snippets in the "Files and directories" toolbox section for the work with files and directories.

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Automating data input and output

MouseRobot is able to interact with the user during the processing of the task, by displaying a fully customizable dialog window containing a title, text description, one or more fields for data entry and any number of buttons.

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