Windows scripting with MouseRobot

MouseRobot automation software make it easier to create Windows scripts providing support for Visual Basic Script (VBScript) and Windows Script Host (WSH) emulation.

MouseRobot features

The MouseRobot Windows scripting tool contains everything you need to automate even the most complicated tasks:

  • automating user interfaces
  • recording mouse and keyboard actions
  • loops and conditions
  • using variables and built-in functions
  • support for Visial Basic Script and Windows Script Host emulation
  • and a task scheduler to run macros automatically
MouseRobot Windows scripting tool has a broad range of features for automating user interfaces. It can recognize graphic objects on the screen such as windows, buttons and edit fields, web links, and more.
You can select a graphic object in your Windows script and indicate what you want to do with it: write a text, press a button, insert a variable or function value, or simply click.
MouseRobot can record a set of actions in Windows script. Just press the "Record task" button and the program automatically remembers all of the selected objects and records all of the actions.
With MouseRobot Windows scripting tool, you can launch any application either by choosing it from the applications menu or by typing the file name directly into the appropriate field, and also open or print documents, open web pages or run any program or command.
MouseRobot includes conditional structures for changing the sequence of actions based on circumstances, and loops which will help you automate any repeated actions in your Windows script. For example, you can create a loop from 1 to 10, through lines of text, or through several files.
The Dialog step allows you to input or output data during Windows script execution.

MouseRobot also:

  • can execute programs written in Visual Basic Script
  • allows you to label task steps and jump to them when needed
  • can add comments and pauses to a task

MouseRobot Task Scheduler

Using the MouseRobot task scheduler, you can launch created Windows script automatically. You can execute recorded Windows script:

  • by hotkey press
  • when a specified program starts or ends
  • when a specified window opens or closes
  • when your computer is idle
  • at a specified time
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