Execute and stop a task

The recorded task can be run by several ways:

Manually, using the ‘’Run’’ command:

If necessary, you can run only a part of it using the "Execute selected", "Run to selected" or "One Step" commands.
Manually, by double-clicking on the task file (like a regular program). Right-click on the file and select "Edit" on the context menu to open the task for editing, instead of executing it.
Automatically, using MouseRobot Task Scheduler.
By pressing the key combination - to indicate that the task should be added to the scheduler and assigned its combination of hot keys.
Convert the recorded task - into an independent from MouseRobot program and run it.

While running the task the progress bar is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Buttons and the keyboard shortcuts allow you to control the process. Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + F12 to stop all running tasks.


If the task provides the processing command-bar options through the built-in variables (tag) (ParamStr1}... { ParamStr9), then to pass the parameter values, it has to be commanded:

MouseRobot "Path to task\name_task.xtsk" “value1" "value 2"... 

For example:

MouseRobot "C:\Users\ras\Desktop\task.xtsk" "first paramstr value" 

This command, for example, can be entered through the "Run” dialogue, (opened via the "Start" - "Run’’, or the key combination of Win + R) and then to press Enter for execution, as well as in the shell Windows (CMD and PowerShell).