Trial versions of our software is available for free download and use for a limited trial period. After the trial period is over, you must pay and register your copy of the software or stop using it.

You may register you copy either before or after expiration of the trial period.


Please visit our "Purchase" web-page for more information.


Benefits of registration:

No limitations on the application
Free updates (see updates policy)
Unlimited e-mail technical support


Payment processing

Please note that we do not have access to your credit card details and we do not accept payments directly. All payments are accepted through the order processing company.



One registration key allows use of the software by a single user. The number of simultaneous installations must not exceed three. (For instance, use of the software on your home computer, a notebook and on a computer at work). The registration key cannot be passed to others (in which case it will be automatically blocked). If your registration key was lost or stolen, please contact us to receive a new one. For more detailed information, see the license agreement.


Upgrade policy

Minor updates (e.g. version 2.1 to version 2.2) are free.
Registered users get a 20% discount when purchasing a major update (e.g. version 2.1 to version 3.0).
If the software is purchased 30 days or less before the release of a new version, the update is free.
To get discount or if you have any problems with registration process, please contact us . We will be glad to assist you and answer your questions.



You can obtain special discounts. Do one of the following:

Find a bug and help us to locate and fix it
Write an interesting article/feedback about use of our software
Find mistakes on the site or in the documentation and help us to fix them