About the program

MouseRobot is an easy, powerful and versatile tool for automation of repetitious actions, such as filling of forms, image processing, installation and setting of programs, etc. You only have to set desired operations in MouseRobot once and that will do. The program will be able to execute them by itself!

An automated sequence of operations is usually called macro command or macro.

MouseRobot adds the visual macro recording to any program! You do not need to worry about the complexity of automation; you should not study the programming and interior arrangement of programs. Macro in MouseRobot consists of simple and common steps, such as opening and closing programs, operations with objects on the screen, pressing the keys of the keyboard and clicking the mouse.

Now you have a versatile tool, suitable for automation of any task in any program!


Advantages of MouseRobot

MouseRobot is visual and intuitive; it does need any programming (but allows it for complex tasks). The program interface is up to date and convenient.

Due to the advanced technology of identification of objects on the screen based on Advanced Window Recognition™ MouseRobot really “sees” its own operations and prevents errors.

Any task in MouseRobot is described using just a few steps, such as starting and stopping of the program, operations with objects on the screen and file manipulations. Also, MouseRobot is able to execute Visual Basic Script (VBScript) programs; this feature opens the possibility for automation of very complex tasks.

Various methods of macro start
Recorded macros can be executed manually and automatically using the build-in task scheduler.

Conversion of macros into programs
MouseRobot is able to convert recorded macros into separate programs. You may run these programs where MouseRobot is not installed.

Easy editing and debugging of macros
MouseRobot contains an integrated debug tool, which allows to run a task step by step, to execute only selected steps or automatically suspend the execution at the predefined step.

Advanced Window Recognition ™ technology

MouseRobot produces one of the most flawless technologies of graphic interface recognition for Windows. The automated sequence of operations in MouseRobot is divided into separate steps, such as startup of the program, searching the objects on the screen, pressing the keys and entering the text. There is no need to record intermediate actions, so the recorded macros becomes much shorter and more visual.

Accuracy and flexibility

MouseRobot, during the running of the task, is able to find necessary button (or any other object) even if the dimensions or position of the window and of the button have been changed. While searching the links on the web page, MouseRobot is able, if necessary, to automatically scroll through the contents. If the window of the automated program is minimized, MouseRobot will automatically maximize it. If initiation of the automated program takes too much time, MouseRobot will wait until it becomes ready.


MouseRobot monitors the running process. For instance, execution will be cancelled, if the appearance on the screen of the window with the required button was expected, but during execution this window was not found, or it doesn't contain the button.


MouseRobot will perform an action when the required object appears on the screen and automated program becomes ready for operation. Therefore the speed of execution is limited by the running program itself and speed of your computer. In most cases MouseRobot works much quicker than a human being.