The advantages of automation

MouseRobot ensures a quick and easy automation of any Windows-based programs, providing the highest level of clarity and convenience of further modification of the recorded macros. It is possible to record the macros in the automatic mode, as well as by forming individual steps.

Advantages of automation

A significant reduction of errors in the work
A reduction of time and effort to perform usual operations
A significant increase of operating efficiency
Recorded macros can be easily changed, if the need arises

Benefits of the automation with MouseRobot

In comparison with programming, writing macros using built-in languages (such as Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications) and other common methods of automation, the approach proposed by MouseRobot is distinguished by:

Simplicity and naturalness - MouseRobot allows you to describe the automated actions in the same form in which you perform them, without having to learn programming, complex commands, or new ways of working
Speed and low cost of getting a result - no need to pay for the work of programmers and to wait for product development
Flexibility and control - if necessary, you will be able to edit a previously recorded macro quickly and easily, without wasting time and money in involving IT-specialists

MouseRobot advantages over other solutions

The unique technology Advanced Window Recognition™ ensures an accurate and fast automation of work with objects on the screen window buttons, input fields and elements of web pages
Excellent visibility - MouseRobot automatically adds detailed comments and explanatory pictures for every step
An optimal set of functions that are sufficient to automate virtually any task - you will not need to study hundreds of different steps and commands, as in other automation systems
Use of the existing knowledge and experience for the automation of tasks with MouseRobot - you do not need to study the special features or built-in software for each automated program
The speed and reliability of performance of automated tasks
Automation of individual programs and of the whole system - if you want, you can automate several programs in one macro to achieve the desired goals
Versatility of the gained skills in automation enables you to cope with any new tasks quickly and effectively.