Automation techniques

Automation with MouseRobot is not complicated, it’s actually fascinating. To perform the automation tasks quickly and reliably, it is desirable to become acquainted with the methods and recommendations given in this section.

In short, they can be summarized by the following guidelines:

1.Open the automated programs, documents or web pages with the "Windows Command" step  or with the snippets based on it.
2.If the execution of the previous step may take some time (running an application, loading a web page), then set "Step Timeout" parameter for the following steps (the "Common" panel) for 10 seconds or more.
3.After the step, which runs the program or opens a new window, it is recommended to use the "Search object on screen" step, which checks whether the window or program has appeared on the screen, and only then continues the execution. It is especially important to do this before using the "Mouse and keyboard" step, because MouseRobot can perform all the keystrokes before the right window appears on the screen.
4.Try to use the hotkeys (shortcuts) to call up commands and dialogs, when automating operations in the programs.
5.Choose easily identifiable objects and move between the input fields using the keyboard (for example, using {Tab}).
6.When automating web pages, use browsers enabled with advanced automation, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.