What tasks can the MouseRobot be used for?

Running a program (by pressing combinations of keys, by time or event), and their automatic control.
Collecting data from web pages and their further entry into any program.
Automation of several programs at once within one macro to solve a complex problem.
Creating backups or conducting other automatic service according to a schedule or at your command.
Setting an automatically performed sequence of actions for a combination of keys for quick access.
Quick automation of small routine tasks that occur in the process of work.
Automatic execution of action for many elements of the same type - files, links to web pages, list items, etc. You do not even need to specify the list items - in most cases MouseRobot can read them directly from the screen!
Automated testing of programs in the "black box" mode. In this case, team members do not necessarily need to know how to program, and the performance reliability of the recorded task will allow you to avoid updating the tests after each minimum change in the product's interface.
Automatic installation, removal and changing of the settings of the installed programs, in which the standard tools for automatic installation and controls are missing or do not provide the capacity they need.
Automate form filling on web pages.
Automation of data acquisition from programs or Web-based resources that do not have the appropriate built-in tools.
Tracking the appearance (or disappearance) of specific messages or windows and automatic execution of the required actions, such as monitoring of error messages on the remote server and automatic restart of services and programs.
Quick automation of assembly processes, testing and distribution of software products.
Tracking the status of programs on a remote computer and informing the administrator.
Automatic form filling with only a few mouse clicks.
Automate technical support and maintenance - in many cases it is sufficient to create and send the client a ready macro that will automatically perform the necessary actions.
And much, much more to suit your needs!