Selection of object on screen

While adding the step "Search object on screen” into the task, as well the snippet, containing this step, the MouseRobot window automatically gets minimized and the program switches to the Object Selection Mode. At the same time any object with the cursor placed over it is highlighted with a red frame containing a hint.

To select a highlighted object, press Ctrl.

To close the Object Selection Mode and return to main window, press Esc.

PgUp and PgDn keys let you choose a more general or more detailed object, such as the entire table or its individual cell.

Search description of selected object is displayed on the ‘’Basic’’ tab while selecting the step "Search object on screen" in the list of steps.

The change of the object for an existing step is possible by using the "Change object" command . This command can also be automatically applied by double clicking on the step ‘’Search object on screen’’.