On error

The "On error" pane allows you to specify what MouseRobot should do when the step fails for some reason.

The drop-down list "Stop task on error" allows you to specify whether MouseRobot should stop the task execution if it cannot perform this step, or it is not required to stop the task, and further in the course of the task running, the result of this step is processed and actions are taken to rectify the situation.
The drop-down list "Goto label" contains all labels announced in the task, and indicates to the MouseRobot, that in case of error it must transfer control to one of them.

Fields "Populate variable" and "with value" can simplify the processing of the results of the step by creating a variable flag with a more appropriate name than {LastResult} (the variable {LastResult} contains "OK" if the last step was performed successfully, and "FAIL" if there was an error).