Goto label

Allows you to change the normal progress of the task, switching the execution by a step, labeled with a given label.

The label is an arbitrary word (such as "label1"):

is appointed to the field "Step label" on the page “Common” of the properties editor of the selected step.

For example, in the next task step 2 will not be executed, the execution will move from step 1 immediately to step 3.

is defined by "Label" step.

In addition MouseRobot supports the processing of two special "embedded" labels.

EXIT_TASK - completion of the task
RETURN - return to the last executed "GoTo" step. For example, when you call "Procedure".

These two service labels allow MouseRobot to provide basic support for "procedures" - repeatedly used sequence in the task. The details are given in the description of the snippet "Procedure (sequence of steps)".