Mouse and Keyboard

This step allows to reveal the operation with the keyboard and mouse, by clicking, dragging, and typing. The wildcard words, called tags are used to describe the operation with your mouse and keystrokes that have no own symbolic representation. The MouseRobot tag is a special word in {braces}. For example, the Enter button is designated as "{ENTER}", pressing and releasing the Alt key denoted as "{ALT}" and "{/ ALT}" respectively. And to make the MouseRobot press the key combination Alt + F you need to write "{ALT}f{/ ALT}".

The Property Editor contains a text box to enter text and tags, as well as buttons of quick insert of tags "Keyboard", "Mouse" and "value”.

When you click on "Keyboard" and "Value", pop-tiered menu opens, which list the categorized by tags keys, as well as the commands and functions of MouseRobot. Examples of tags that are inserted from the "Value" are "{UserDocumentsDirectory}" and "{Summ (2,5)}", which are replaced, respectively, by the path to the standard Windows folder for saving documents, and 7 (the value of the expression 2 + 5 ).

Select the button and the mouse operations window appears, when you click on "Mouse".

By default, a single left mouse button click was selected, but you can change the button and the operation by selecting the appropriate switch buttons or simply pressing the mouse button over the "Click here ..."