This step provides an opportunity for programming using a fully-fledged embedded programming language VBScript.

VBScript provides the ability to automate tasks of any complexity. However, to use this it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of programming in VBScript for Windows, and to possess relevant skills.

The code must be specified in the text box editor.

To access the functions and variables MouseRobot from VBScript use the function Evaluate (VAR_NAME).

Evaluate("{SomeVariable}") - returns the value stored in the variable {SomeVariable}.

To set the values of the variables use MouseRobot function SetVal (VARNAME, value).

SetVal "{SomeVariable}", "new value" - sets the variable {SomeVariable} = "new value".

The interaction between VBScript and MouseRobot is described here.

More information on the syntax, functions, procedures, constants, variables, types and objects of the VBScript language is presented in the reference book.