Set variable or call function

A variable is a determined tag for MouseRobot, which is associated with a certain value. The step "Set variable or call function" lets you define new variables and their values, change the value of previously defined variables, as well as perform integrated functions of MouseRobot.

Having determined the variable you can use it along with the built in tags of MouseRobot. A variable can be described as a single value, and a  list (or array) of values, for example  a list of objects for search, list of lines or file names, sequence numbers, etc.

All this allows implementing of a flexible handling and temporary storage of data during the task performance.

Basic techniques for working with variables and functions are examined in "Using variables and functions in MouseRobot".

Step properties include the name of the variable, type switch and the field with a value or a list of values (depending on the type).

The "Type" field determines what type of information will be stored in a variable and can be "Text" - for text, numbers, MouseRobot commands or "List of objects" - to specify the list of searched objects on the screen.
The "Value" field contains information to be stored in a variable. In this case, built in and defined variables for this task can be used in the text, as well as built in MouseRobot functions. The description of the built-in variables and MouseRobot functions can be found in the directory.

Variable of the type "List of objects" is able to store one or more search definitions, and the editor of interface properties change to the table of objects.

Buttons at the bottom of the table are for additions, deletions and changes in the objects search descriptions.

When you click "Add", the setting of multiple-choice sites becomes active. In this mode, MouseRobot adds to the list the selected object and its neighboring objects that are of the same type. Moreover, using PgUp and PgDn during the selection process you can independently specify to MouseRobot the region that contains the necessary objects.