Task scheduler

MouseRobot Task Scheduler is a small program that resides in the taskbar of Windows (near the clock) and allows you to perform the MouseRobot tasks and Windows commands automatically. For example, you can set a task execution at a certain time, when you see a specified window or press a combination of keys.

The Task scheduler starts automatically after the installation of MouseRobot and provides:

Automatic execution of tasks, commands, or run programs on time, event, keyboard shortcuts
Check for updates MouseRobot and notification about them
Quick access to frequently used tasks via context menu

Usually the task scheduler window is hidden, and the only visible sign of it being active is the MouseRobot icon on the Windows taskbar.

To open the scheduler, double-click on MouseRobot icon with the left mouse button, or else right-click on the icon and select "Open Task scheduler” in the pop-up context menu.

Example of task scheduling with MouseRobot