When you automate the task, it is being divided into separate steps, such as run the program, click on the button, enter the text in the box, copy the file, etc.

Toolbox is a catalog of steps and their often-used combinations that make up the macro in MouseRobot. Combinations of steps are placed in the "Snippets".

Basic steps

MouseRobot is designed to describe the automated task in a small number of key steps:

Windows command (open, print, close, ...)

Search object on screen

Mouse and keyboard

Condition (If..Else)

Dialog (input and display data)

Goto label

Set variable or call function

Loop (repetition of actions)





Each step type is designed to perform a specific group of actions, such as:

Step "Windows command (open, print, close, ...)" is used to run programs, open and print documents, called built-in Windows commands, such as copy, mkdir, delete.
Step "Search object on screen" is able to find objects on the screen and interact with them, for example to emulate a left click on the object
Step "Mouse and keyboard" is designed to simulate typing on the keyboard, pressing keyboard shortcuts, emulate mouse actions and other actions related to using the mouse and keyboard


Some sequences of steps occur with no virtual changes in the automation of various tasks. For convenience, many of these frequently used combinations were collected in the group "Snippets".

"Run, open, close" category

"Edit" category

"Dialogs" category

"Loop through objects on screen" category

"Files and Directories" category

"Others" category