Category "Loops through objects on the screen"

Frequently, during the automation of data processing it is needed to execute the same type of operation on multiple objects - windows, list items, table cells, links to web-page, etc.

The searched objects can be set manually or determined automatically during the macro execution. In both cases, the list of searched objects is defined as a variable. For more information, see "Work with variables" and the description of the step "Loop".

Loop through list of objects

Allows execution of the same type of actions over an arbitrary set of objects on screen. The list of searched object descriptions is given during the macros recording.

When you insert a snippet the mode of a group of objects selection on screen is activated, which is similar to the mode of one object selection. The difference of the group selection mode is that MouseRobot remembers the selected object, as well as all other similar objects located next to it. The resulting list of objects can be added and edited. To define the area where the desired objects are located you can use the keys PgUp and PgDn.

Loop through list of object names

Executing actions on similar objects located in the same window but with different in names, such as buttons, menus, links, etc. Object names are specified in the variable {LoopNames}.

The names of objects in the step "Set {loopNames} =..."are specified with a comma. If the object name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in single or quotation marks. For details about the rules of assigning values to variables see in the section "Using variables and functions in MouseRobot".

Loop through list of element names

The Loop through element names are useful to iterate through the list of menu items, toolbar buttons, etc. With this, MouseRobot does not spend time searching for each item on the list, which can significantly speed up the execution. The list of element names is defined in the macros recording.

Loop through visible elements

It is reciprocal to the above one, but it goes through all elements on the list visible on screen, menus, tables, etc. The number of elements is determined automatically when macros is running, based on the contents of the found window.

Loop through all elements

It iterates both visible and hidden elements at the start of the loop. If necessary, MouseRobot automatically scrolls the contents to get the next item on screen.