Category "Run, open, close"

The snippets "Run application" and "Open file in editor" consist of a single step – "Windows Command", which is already set to execute the corresponding action. The snippet "Open File in Editor" will open the file in a program associated with it, even if this operation is not a default action.

The snippet "Check and run if needed" first checks whether the specified object is on the screen and executes the step "Windows command" only when the object could not be found on the screen.

When you insert this snippet, MouseRobot automatically goes into the mode of selecting the object on screen. In the selection mode, you can use PgUp and PgDn to indicate whether MouseRobot must search the object in the window or the window of the program itself.

The snippet "Close active window" sends the command to close the program that is active at the time of execution. The executed operation corresponds to the shortcuts Alt + F4 that are conventionally used in Windows to close the active program.

Another way to shut down a running program is to use the operation "Close" and "Kill" of the step "Windows command".