Running macros with Scheduler

In this example, we will consider the ways to automate running macros with built-in task Scheduler of MouseRobot.

Running the Scheduler

Run the Scheduler by a double click on the icon MouseRobot in the Windows taskbar (near the clock).

The MouseRobot task Scheduler window will open:

Adding a task

To add a task, click on "Schedule task".

The window "Task Properties" will open:

Select a task with the button .
The checkbox "Command Active" allows you to temporarily disable the execution of the Scheduled tasks, without removing them from the list of tasks, so we will leave it enabled.
Define the time frame of the task by using the properties "Start Date" and "End Date".
If the task has to be performed just once, then select "Run Once" checkbox.
The property "Wait for termination" indicates that the task cannot be restarted if the previously running option has not finished its work.

Conditions that lead to the execution of the task are specified in the section "Triggers".

To add a trigger, click the "Add trigger" and select the desired trigger. It is possible to add several triggers for one task.


Execute by hotkey press

Task will start when a set a hotkeys is assigned.

To specify the desired key combination, just press the desired button on the keyboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE! To avoid conflicts and unintended execution of commands of other software products, use a combination of three or more keys, e.g. Ctrl + Alt + A


When specified program starts or ends

The task runs every time you start (or shutdown) the program. The name of its executable module is used as the program name, which can be entered manually or selected by pressing the "Select File".

Note: The list of running programs and the names of executable modules can be obtained in Windows Task Manager.


When specified window opens or closes

The task runs at every appearance (or disappearance) of the windows on screen.

To select the window click on "Select window or object”, and then select the desired window or an element in it with the mouse and press the Ctrl button to confirm.


When the computer is idle

Running tasks when your computer is idle (in the absence of user action) during the specified time.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Since MouseRobot usually emulates user operations of pressing and dragging the mouse, the timing generator will reset after each task.

If the Scheduled task does not emulate the user’s action, it will multiply trigger cyclically after the specified downtime.

To eliminate the multiple re-running of the tasks you should check the "Run Once” in the task properties.


Execute at a specified time

MouseRobot Scheduler allows a flexible customization of month, week, day and time of the task execution. It is sufficient to establish corresponding flags.

The checkbox "Run if task was skipped", indicates that MouseRobot must execute a task that for some reason (for example, the computer was turned off) was not performed at the stated time.


Periodic start

Tasks will be run after a fixed time interval.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If the time of the task exceeds the retry interval and the flag "Wait for termination" is not selected, then MouseRobot will launch a new copy of the task alongside, without waiting for the completion of the previous one. In this case, conflicts of tasks can occur, so you should always leave the checkbox "Wait for termination" turned on.