MouseRobot screenshots

MouseRobot Task Pane
Main Window. Task pane
Task Pane contains the most frequently used commands.

MouseRobot Help Pane
Main Window. Help pane
Help Pane commands to send questions and error reports to support service, quick access to documentation, to the MouseRobot site, examples, information about the version and the registration data.

MouseRobot Debug Pane
Main Window Debug pane
Debug Pane contains execution control commands that may be useful when editing and debugging tasks.

Toolbox is a catalog of steps and their often-used combinations that make up the macro in MouseRobot. Combinations of steps are placed in the "Snippets".

Task sample
MouseRobot Task Sample

Dialog sample
MouseRobot Dialog may contain any number of fields for data entry of different types - text, numbers, names of files and directories and others.

Selection an object on the screen
MouseRobot recognizes objects (windows, buttons, menu items, text fields, and any other elements) on the screen. To select a highlighted object, press Ctrl.

MouseRobot Task Scheduler icon
MouseRobot Task Scheduler is a small program that resides in the taskbar of Windows (near the clock) and allows you to perform the MouseRobot tasks and Windows commands automatically.

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